For children

On its territory are situated big playground and rope-park for playing and little zoo in Kharkiv standards.


Kharkiv Zoo – biggest in Ukraine – was opened for visits in 1903 and it was third Zoo in Russian Empire. During Second World War zoo was ruined – some animals had died, some were living in city, and three monkeys escaped from the park settled in the building of Gosprom. They were fed by citizens and survived the war - now at the zoo is a monument to the animal victims and monkeys.

Small Southern Railway is a nursery for future railroaders - here are raising a new shift of employees of the railway. Children working in the railway are trained all the details of the process - from the ticket sale and its control, transportation of passengers from point A to point B, up to coupling in the wagons and the technical the subtleties of working with machinery.

Here you can see the animal world of all continents and seas of the earth. For example, the museum contains the largest collection of monkeys in the Ukraine - 90 exhibits of 51 species.

Kharkiv’s Dolphinarium is the largest in Ukraine, and the main purpose of its management believes popularization of knowledge about marine mammal and promotion of ideas of friendship with environment.

Kharkov planetarium - a special astronomical center, which combines the advantages of the theater and lecture hall. The Star Hall is equipped with a special device "Planetarium", which is projecting the skies onto a dome of the hall, and a digital projector shows pictures of various objects of the cosmos in motion. The planetarium also has a small observatory with a telescope, where on clear nights you can watch the moon, planets, comets and other celestial bodies and phenomena, as well as spots on the sun during the day.

Kharkov Circus is one of the oldest circuses in the Ukraine - Archival documents indicate that the first circus in special building was working in the 60s of the XIX century. In 1906 appeared in the city building of Grikke circus, which today is a training base for the preparation of Ukrainian Directorate circus performers and acrobats.