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The new Kharkiv Travel service: Air Ticketing

On Kharkiv Travel site has appeared the opportunity to buy air tickets online in any course. Sales air tickets is in the “non-stop” mode 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Air ticket system online no lunch breaks and weekends. Air-tickets online – is a modern high-quality service, available to all in Kharkov. Air-ticket sales through the Internet simplifies the procedure of registration of documents: You do not have anywhere to go and stand in line. You will appreciate the ease and convenience of our new air travel service: using opportunities for tickets online is really good!

How is the order of air tickets?

Order system of Air and train tickets online works on Kharkiv Travel site in the same way: the principle of formulation travel documents is simple and intuitive. Order air-tickets selected bookmarks on the page of air and train tickets: look carefully at the shape of the site. Next, carefully fill in the order form air-tickets: enter departure city and destination city, select a date in the calendar site air and railway tickets. In some large cities have several airports, so pay attention to this point.

Air ticket booking

Booking of air-tickets lets select the class of aircraft: economy or business. Also, when booking air tickets available for adults and children tickets: system takes into account all the data of passengers. If you want to make a reservation of air tickets directly at both ends (there and back) – check this point in site menu. In this case the choice of flight of the plane will take into account this parameter. Performance and quality of air ticket booking is simple and accessible, even inexperienced users of the Internet.

How to buy air tickets online?

Air-tickets Kharkiv can select according to your wishes. The system according to preliminary data, select a few options and offer to buy air-tickets online for various flights: specify what time of departure and the ticket price is best for you, what brand do you prefer and aircraft which company to trust more. Air-tickets Kharkiv system will tell you about free places availability to the specified flight. To buy air-ticket online, you must provide details about the passenger / passengers: please fill out the form before sending the data to verify your information. Air-tickets Kharkiv can pay with a credit card: it is perfectly safe and very comfortable. Pay attention to the flight characteristics: date, time, possible transfer points. After checking all the information, enter bank card details and confirm the payment. To your e-mail will be sent an e-ticket, and a mobile phone receives a text message with the number of tickets. Also, the system can order tickets and flew in a few cities, select “difficult route” and enter the information about each point of departure-landing.

Why is it better to buy air-tickets online?

Use the opportunity to buy air tickets online – get the maximum comfort and enjoyment of the flight. Online booking system allows you to buy air tickets from your home or office at any time convenient for you. In addition, so it’s easier to choose cheap air-tickets: You will get a few seconds all the information about the cost of flights on various aircraft models, and several airlines. On some routes, flights are not one, but several airlines. This allows you to choose the cheapest air without loss of quality and service. In addition, on screen you will see a brand aircraft, the specified flight: this option should be considered if need cheap air-tickets.

After booking tickets, you get an e-ticket, which is analogous to conventional paper ticket. A copy of this document is stored in the database of information relevant airline, so if you lose your ticket, you can still make your flight. Also you can order and buy cheap air-tickets for others who may be in a different region.


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