The history of Kharkiv city has almost 360 years and you can`t say it`s not enough. Rumor has it city started from phenomena of Wild Field or Dike pole where nomads lived for long time before Catherine II ordered to found the city of Kharkiv. There are few variants of the city name origin. One of it says Kharkiv was named on behalf Cossack Kharko, and his monument is standing on Lenin Avenue – one of the main streets. The other one is more reliable and says the city was named for the river – the name was given by Tatar tribes – and really the name of river Kharkiv found on maps of the Russian Empire long before the founding of the city.

A lot of water has flow under the bridge and Kharkiv has grown to second biggest city in Ukraine and even for few years it was the first capital of Ukrainian Soviet Republic. Today it is a very special place  beautiful in its own way – it is also known as cradle of architectural style constructionism and it`s monumental grey buildings set the rhythm to central streets. Thus the city is not grey – it has variety of thousand shades and colors creating a unique image.

Kharkiv is a city of youth because here is the largest concentration of educational institutions – 69 universities, institutes, academies and colleges, where more than 200,000 students are studying. They are giving huge positive vibes of energy and emotions and thanks to it our city is growing and moving faster and faster.

3 points to must-visit:

  1. Pokrovsky Monastery was founded right after the city. On its territory you can visit Pokrovska and Ozeryanska church, and few associated buildings – bishop`s house, monk`s cells, Icon shop and little bakery with monastery goods. NB: women should wear skirts and cover the head with some cloth – can be taken in monastery security, men shouldn`t wear shorts.
  2. Svobody square is one of the biggest squares in Europe and definitely the biggest in Ukraine was founded in 1923 few moments before start of constructing the main symbol of Kharkiv – the Gosprom of Derzhprom building. Today the place is never empty – city celebrations and concerts, fairs and markets, children playgrounds in summer. To feel the spirit of central point of the city is best while there`s something going on it – would it be a Victory parade on 9th of May or show of “Queen” which gathered in one place more than 350 thousand people  and it was a record number for the group.
  3. Architect’s square is situated alongside Pushkinskaia street next to Architectora Beketova station and here there are a few focuses of attention. One of them without any doubts is collection of Seven Wonders of Kharkiv – miniature copies of Kharkiv’s outstanding buildings and monuments. Here are also the Fountain of Lovers and an Oak which is growing here for two hundred years.

Neighborhood of the city:

Sharovskyi Park

Gorgeous park with an old Manor founded on the beginning of 19th century. Sharovka Manor is neo-gothic palace with elements of Renaissance architecture. Nowadays condition of Manor is quite bad and it is under construction.  There are Main Gate, two pounds and beautiful Lime alley in the park. The atmosphere of abandonment that lives here just gives to it that romantic tough and beautiful rich nature would fill hearts of park’s guests with love.

Natalievka Manor (Vladimirovka)

An old Natalievka Manor of sugar mill owner Ivan Kharitonenko named after his daughter Natalia with gorgeous Natalievka Park occupies the banks of Merchik river. Today Manor is open like a Vladimirskyi resort. Kharitonenko family, ex-farmers, became rich began to invest money in culture and develop their territories. That is why Ivan Kharitonenko asked famous architect Shysev and sculptor Konenkov to project his Manor and surroundings. Now here are the Manor with Main gates and little Spaso-Preobrazhenska church. Copy of it is standing somewhere in Nice, France.

Poushie Terrasu (Singing Terraces) in Globovka

Son of Ivan Kharitonenko – Pavel – followed his father`s steps in developing his estate. He wanted to grow a fruit garden and faced the problem of a poor soil – the desire was impossible to achieve. That was the reason of Singing terraces were born – in a few kilometers aside of park was found a unique nature slope forming an sunlighted arch.  There were built six terraces where unique exotic trees grew like they needed. Because of unusual form of terraces there appeared unique acoustic effect – even most quiet sounds and words are very loud as if they were powered with a booster. Sounds of nature are acting together, reflected and amplified, giving a birth to unique melody that sounds always here. Rumor has it once terraces were visited by famous singer Fyodor Shaliapin who gave here a impromptu concert.

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