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Buy train tickets online at Kharkiv Travel

Want quickly and without queuing to buy train tickets online? It offers a new online service for booking train tickets online at Kharkiv Travel site. Now you do not have to go to the station or to the ticket office, stand in line and wait long. Booking train tickets online at Kharkiv Travel site is a few simple steps. In addition, train tickets booking system instantly show you availability in the selected direction. Buy train tickets online only in Ukraine: at any train, any time and any direction. When ordering, you can buy train tickets online for adults and children based on their age: this information simply needs to specify at ticketing.

How does the booking train tickets online at Kharkiv Travel site?

Convenient and intuitive menu of ordering train tickets online is not a problem: select the appropriate fields of departure and arrival point. To select a calendar date – just click on the number. Be sure to specify a class ticket and the required number of seats. To proceed with the booking train tickets, click on the “search” button at the bottom of the form. You will be offered options to select: automatic ordering train tickets will provide information about trains, which run in the direction you want. You will see the departure time, arrival time, duration of the trip, the train number. When you have selected your train, click on his name: You get a choice of free places on this flight. To continue booking railway ticket number of the carriage and choose a specific location. For once, you can order a few tickets, but not more than four. If you need to order more than 4 tickets, you should repeat the order train tickets again.

Payment train tickets online

Train tickets through the Internet now you can find, select, book and pay for the comfort of your home or office. To purchase train tickets online at site, you must specify your contact details: name, phone number and email address. Read the rules of service ticket online Kharkiv Travel and accept them. To pay for the train tickets through the Internet you can choose the most convenient way to transfer money: bank card, the system Webmoney, internet banking system or cash. Payment procedure train tickets via the Internet must be made within 25 minutes of booking the ticket and the introduction of personal computing. If during this time the payment train tickets via the Internet has not been completed , the whole procedure must be repeated from the beginning.

Getting a train ticket

Train ticket purchase is completed after the payment has occurred and you have received e-ticket number. You must save the 16-digit code of your ticket, which confirms the purchase train tickets and pay for it. You can print the form received order or just write the code number. To purchase train tickets you need go to any cashier Ukrzaliznitsі (this is not one) and get a pass at least 15 minutes before the departure of the train . In this process of buying train tickets is complete: You can take your place in the train and hit the road.

Advantages of electronic train tickets

Buy cheap train tickets online – it’s easy and convenient. What benefits does an online booking?

1. Web site immediately displays the real existence of train tickets.

The system of online booking site receives current information on availability of train tickets at the specified direction. You will be able to quickly find and choose the best flight, route and time of departure. Obtain information about the presence of train tickets solves a lot, especially with a deficit of tickets during the holidays or when planning trips.

2. You can choose any class train, and if necessary buy cheap train tickets.

When you order tickets online you get information about the cost of travel, that is, choose cheap train tickets and train seats in business class. In addition, buying cheap train tickets, you have to choose the most convenient location of their place in the coach: the diagram shows all the empty seats.

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