Architects Square

Адрес: 39, Pushkinska St., Kharkiv
Станция метро: Arkhitektora Beketova


Architects Square is located near the exits of Arkhitectora Beketova Metro Station. Its name is not accidental – one side of the square is the Radnarkomivska street, the other rests on the House of Scientists territory, the former mansion of the family Beketov, whose head – Alexey Beketov – is one of the legendary architects of the Classical period. On the square set “Seven Wonders of Kharkiv” – plaster miniatures of buildings – Kharkiv symbols – the monument to Taras Shevchenko, Derzhprom building, Uspenskyi Cathedral, Blagovishchenskyi Cathedral, Pokrovskyi Cathedral and others. Here is also a fountain with a monument to lovers.

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