May 29 will be presentation of the new program for tourists

May 29, 2012 in the new terminal of International airport “Kharkiv” will be a presentation of a new program aimed at creating the most user-friendly image of Kharkiv for foreign tourists. Initiator and organizer is the “Kharkiv Travel” company.

« -is a declaration of love not only to our city, which changed greatly in recent years, but his guests – fans of travel and adventure. Our main goal is to create a positive image of our city – a friendly, pleasant, calling to come and explore the city and its residents. We are telling the guests of the city about what they should see and how to spend the time and recommend the best places to stay and rest – all the things, and then remain only good memories “– says Daria Spasova, brand manager of the project .

Within the program was designed a modern website that would be the navigator for tourists, prepared and printed thousands of free guides to the city in English, installed  informational steles at the airport, major hotels and restaurants in the city, designed souvenirs. And all the most worthy institutions united by a common discount card, which will be offered to tourists.

The partners of a program are:

  • hotels Kharkiv, Cosmopolit, Avrora, Viva and Kharkiv Palace;
  • restaurants Jazzter, Dali, Chili, Rosinka, Zolotoi Telets, Da Vinci, AristOcrate, Pivobar, Polyot, Kontinent, alibi, Fashion, Paprika, Dolce, Amadeus, The Pacific Spoon, The Grill Restaurant Terrace, The Sky Lounge Bar, Lobby Bar of the Kharkiv Palace hotel;
  • cafes Ланч, Gogol Mogol, Mone, Tyorka, sandwich-bar Freshline;
  • vine boutiques Vinograd and InVino.


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