May 29 was presented the KharkivLovesYou project

May 29 in the “Kharkiv” international airport was presented the KharkivLovesYou project – alternative tourism brand, creators have set themselves as task a creation, maintenance and development of a positive image of Kharkov – a friendly, pleasant, calling to come and explore the city and people living in it.

For today the KharkivLovesYou project consists of five main directions within the development of which was designed web-navigator, printed thousands of free English-language maps. Dozens of Kharkov institutions were united in a common discount program Kharkiv City Card, and the card can be purchased in a Tourist-pack, where in addition to city-maps and map-guide, is a Ukrainian mobile SIM card.

“The appearance of such a product in our town speaks that we are finally ripe. We are ripe to accept guests not only theoretically but also practically, since we now have decent support as a site, free maps, and there are worthy of gifts for them, “- said the general director the “Kharkiv” International Airport Vladimir Vasilchenko.

“The city is growing and developing in full swing, and about level of its development speaks appearance of such projects. And let the beautiful and talented young people to care about it, and not by members of the City Council, who has a lot of other cares”- said a fashion designer Konstantin Ponomarev.



















Apart must be mentioned the KharkivLovesYou souvenirs – fun gifts which are great to give not only to the guests but also to Kharkovites – T-shirts, mugs, caps, magnets, bags and badges with the logo, as well as a “Learnin’ Ukrainian” series of cups and magnets, vyshyvanky and Teddy Bears.

“We hadn’t invented the wheel, we just had adapted it for the Kharkiv roads, and we hope that the way of this “wheel ” will be a long and successful!”, – said KharkivLovesYou project manager Daria Spasova, – «We are full of enthusiasm and plans for the future, and decisively moving forward. So we don’t say goodbye, we say “See you later!”


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