Eco-Park Feldman

Eco-Park Feldman – a place for the new format of Kharkov – is running for the second season in a row. Eco-park combines the two main functions – the zoo and playground, children are indeed a lot. The two principal moments in the eco-park – free entry and free sweets for the children, and discreet approach to the organization of space for animals. New clean cages, equipped with everything needed – toys, trees, feeding bowls, which are difficult to reverse, the eco-park is trying to match its name.

On the territory of a small zoo live for example two tigers in terrestrial enclosures, fenced off from visitors to the high mesh and small fence, so that predators can be seen in all its glory, especially when they come close to people. Many enclosures with the birds – carnivorous Balaban and kestrels, and domestic – pens with geese, chickens, pheasants and peacocks are attracting much attention as their appearance, same sounds unusual for urban residents.

Special attention of visitors is attracted by cages with monkeys and marmosets, which are two types – the ordinary and pygmy, Madagascan lemurs and the trio of small chimpanzees, which, unfortunately, the hidden from the heat and available to see only in the evening.

Here are two contact areas with goats, sheep and alpacas, which are supposed to be happy for them to eat prepared apples, cabbage and other vegetables and snacks, and instead most of the time staring with displeasure at the visitors, constantly trying to pat, feed and play with them. This reaction of animals is well justified – with free entry the number of visitors over the weekend reads off scale, with most of them are children, who are chasing goats in the aviary. In general, everything as it`s in the wild. However, sometimes the animals are changing rage to mercy and begin eagerly to eat everything, and at this time you can pet them and take pictures on their background.

However, a visit to the eco-park leaves mostly good memories – it’s enough to see stormy games of little chimpanzees. Perhaps the only drawback of this initiative is the absence of the normal transport supply, as most visitors have to travel by themselves – on the bus from the Heroiv Pratsi Metropoliten station, or walking from the Pyatihatki.

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