A.S. Pushkin Theatre of Russian Drama

Время работы: 11.00–20.00
Адрес: 11 Chernyshevs'ka St., Kharkiv
Станция метро: Arkhitektora Beketova
Тел.: (+38 057) 717-98-37, 731-12-24
Сайт: www.rusdrama.kh.ua

  • Парковка

Kharkiv State Academic Russian Dramatic theatre named by A.S. Pushkin was found in 1933 in the capital of Soviet Ukraine by decision of the Council of People’s Commissars for the promotion of Russian realistic art. At that time Pushkin Theatre had its own publishing house, which produced books, collections of articles and even a weekly newspaper, which was called “Theater of Russian Drama.” In 2013 Pushkin theatre will celebrate 80 years of glory and it’s still beloved and respected by citizens of Kharkiv and its guests – the performances are happening  in a crowded auditorium for whole season.

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