V.A. Afanasyev Theatre of Puppets

Время работы: from 11:00
Адрес: 24, Konstytutsii Sq., Kharkiv
Станция метро: Radyanska
Тел.: +38 (057) 731-12-24
Сайт: www.puppet.kharkov.ua

  • Парковка


Kharkov Puppet theatre was opened July 1th 1939. Its history has a lot of trials, mainly related to the crossings from place to place. For years changing the cities and facilities the theatre could not concentrate on their main goal. Only in 1952 with advent of new leader, Viktor A. Afanasiev, with whom the theatre got its own place and stage at 3, Krasina street (now the House of Actor), it flourished. After another 15 years Puppet theatre moved to gorgeous building designed by architect Beketov which underwent reconstruction of the needs of the theater.
Today the theatre is named after its main leader V.A. Afanasyev and its repertoire includes more than 25 performances for children and adults, among them the classic “Cinderella” and “Dr. Aibolit”, and for adults – “The Master and Margarita” and ” The Decameron”.
The current theatrical season actors and puppets are playing on stage of the Cultural Center of Kiev district (7, Skrypnika Str.), as in the theatre building is reconstruction going on.

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