Время работы: 11:00–19:30
Адрес: 23 Serpnya St., Otakara Yarosha St., Gorkyi Central Park, Kharkiv
Станция метро: Pushkinska


The Ropeway has appeared in Gorky Park in 1971 as a vehicle link between the Sumskaia street and Pavlovo Pole residential district – it was used mainly by workers of Kharkov Aviation Factory and FED Factory to get from home to work and back.

Today the road is used as an attraction – the cost of travel on it is not comparable with the cost of public transport.

For 18 minutes the passengers arrive or rather floated at one end and during the route cabins with passengers rising to a height of 8 to 26 meters above the ground. The road is open only in warm seasons, so panorama from the cabins featuring picturesque views over the green area of Gorky Park and forest parks.

One-way ticket costs 10 hryvnas.

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