Kharkov Museum of Klavdia Shulzhenko

Время работы: 10.00 – 17.00 except Sun
Адрес: 1, Bajkal's'kyi Ln., Kharkiv
Станция метро: Ploshcha povstannia
Тел.: (+38 057) 732-69-18

  • Персонал владеет английскимПерсонал владеет английским

At the moment, Kharkov Museum of National Artist of the USSR Klavdia Ivanovna Shulzhenko is only one in the former Soviet Union’s territories. Its collection is almost entirely devoted to life and work of the great actress – in here are stored personal belongings, documents, photos and stage outfits. Also in the museum has rich collection of the audio and video recordings.

The museum has another two exhibition, one is devoted to a compatriot of Shulzhenko national artist of USSR Yurii Iosifovich Bogatikov, who was born in Kharkiv, the second one is called “An Anthology of the stage. Contemporaries of Klavdia Shulzhenko.
Guided tours of the museum are developed with the interests of all ages.

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