The monument to Vasyl Karazin

Адрес: 4, Svobody Sq, Kharkiv
Станция метро: Derzhprom

Monument to the scientist, philanthropist and founder of Kharkiv University, Vasyl Karazin was designed in 1904 to the centennial of the university, and was installed in 1905 in the middle of the Sumska street at the exit of Shevchenko Garden, named then as Universytetskyi Garden. Due to the revolutionary spirit of the population, for two years monument stood in a sarcophagus made of wooden planks, from which protruded only a hand – a fact that became an occasion for a cartoons. In 1935, due to installation of the Taras Shevchenko monument, Karazin was moved to Universitetska Street, and from there he was taken to melt – in Kharkiv Tractor Plant. There he miraculously survived, and after standing for nearly 20 years in a quiet corner was installed in the Shevchenko garden in 1958. From there for the two-hundred anniversary of the University monument had moved to the main entrance to the University, where, as all expect, will remain forever.

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