Do you like active rest? We have something to offer you!

It is said that in London exists and works not less than 50 theaters. Kharkov, in this sense is not far behind - just under the roof of the Actor Hall lives two dozen small private theaters. And if we add to them all the state theaters, you get about three dozen - in the percentage of London, we are winning significantly. It is necessary to check whether this is a qualitative relationship?

Kharkiv museums – Like all the other museums are quiet and dusty, but no less interesting, invite into their world only those who are really interested in looking at old maps and models of ships, assume vertebras in apes and ring worms, consider the notches and markings on old weapons. However, the list of activities and proposals are in here, and there are many more options

Full list of places where you can have a great time dancing until dawn, or relaxing in the lounge, the options are countless.

Kharkiv Cinemas - are very popular holiday destination of citizens and at the weekend is worth to book tickets and redeem in advance, otherwise there is a chance not to get to the desired session.

Instrumental music, singing, concerts of touring artists of legendary performers - the walls of Kharkiv concert halls have experienced more than one such adventure.

In contrast to museums, galleries open their doors to visitors for free, letting them be happy in its little bit crazy world of art. Kharkiv galleries are the special section of our city life, that invites anyone who dares to cross its threshold. In fact going to the gallery - it's an adventure, not knowing that it will be around the corner.

Here you will find the main places of our city, where you can spend time with kids. Here are entertainment - a circus and Youth Theatre, and, in part, educational institutions - as a planetarium and zoo. Wherever you go, neither you nor your child will not regret your choice.