The list of pharmacies with addresses and contact numbers.

The list of round the clock cash machines.

List of specialized municipal and private clinics and hospitals of Kharkov.

It is believed, and this fact is undeniable that Kharkiv became the way it is now, thanks to the University. Since its foundation, the city experienced several building booms, the rapid growth, being the capital, and much more, but it is still a city-university. In this section you will find all the higher education institutions that work in our city.

Thematic maps of the city – parkings, theaters, hotels and more.

List of municipal parkings of Kharkiv.

There’s no bad wheather but you must be ready for everything.

The list of places where you can change dollars and euros to hryvnia, and vice versa.

Where to run, if you hear a sound of thunder? The answer is here.

Variants of walking around the city - the historical Kharkov, religious, architectural.

List of Kharkov cultural, sports and entertainment events.

Useful words and phrases that may be needed in the journey.

Help in case of fire, phone numbers of embassies and representative offices located in Kharkov, Bureau of lost things and more.

In this section you can find a list of possible options for spending time but not money. Among them are galleries, parks and gardens, seesights, University of the Arts concert hall, as well as a list of institutions participating in the action "Il café sospesso".