Set of Kharkiv tourist

Tourist package of its kind unique offering in Kharkiv, and on the territory of Ukraine – it includes a series of the most necessary things for comfortable orientation in unknown urban areas. Namely – the map of the city Kharkiv travel guide, starter package of mobile communication Kyivstar, and discount card Kharkiv city card, which works in partner places of program.

Kharkiv travel guide – detailed map of the city and the center, with lists of hotels, restaurants, cafes, coffee shops, pizzerias, shops and other facilities, which KharkivLovesYou encourages Kharkiv guests. In addition, map shows the location of cultural leisure, where you can spend time without spending money.

Kharkiv city card – discount card, intended for visitors. The card works with partner institutions of the loyalty program, a full list can be found on the website and is valid for three months, the period of validity indicated on the card.

We are pleased that KharkivLovesYou is a pioneer in the field of such offers for tourists!