The history of Kharkiv city has almost 360 years and you can`t say it`s not enough. Rumor has it city started from phenomena of Wild Field or Dike pole where nomads lived for long time before Catherine II ordered to found the city of Kharkiv.

Kharkiv is located on the east of Ukraine, and since the foundation it has been an important transport and trading hub. During the years of its existence, these two functions have evolved quite rapidly.

It is hard to say what we are, but it’s surely that we are open-hearted and open-minded, so are open our city to its guests. We will help you in any moment of staying here, or even if you just thinking about it.

Tourist package of its kind unique offering in Kharkiv, and on the territory of Ukraine – it includes a series of the most necessary things for comfortable orientation in unknown urban areas. Namely – the map of the city Kharkiv travel guide, starter package of mobile communication Kyivstar, and discount card Kharkiv city card, which […]

KharkivLovesYou is a project about Kharkiv, the main goal of its existence is the good reputation of our city for its guests - current and potential. In fact, it is a declaration of love to Kharkiv from its inhabitants.