«Na zhoukah» theatre

Адрес: 41, Astronomichna St., Kharkiv
Тел.: +38 097 668 49 08
Сайт: www.zhuki.kharkov.ua

Theatre Na Zhukakh is one of youngest private theatres in Kharkiv was founded in December 2007. Since the moment of opening every performance of theatre happens in totally full auditorium. Theatre Na Zhukakh was first between theaters joined the movement “Open Palms” also known as the “Hanging  coffee”, whose credo is “Give if you can. Take if you want”. This will allow viewers to give strangers a chance to see favorite spectacle, making them an advance payment for the space, or, alternatively, to receive gifts – tickets to theater.

Enter the performances of at the Theatre of beetles you can by previous appointment by calling +38 097 668 49 08.

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