Square Peremohy (behind Dzerkalnyi strumin)

Адрес: 30, Sumska St., Kharkiv
Станция метро: Universytet

Victory Square was founded in the spring of 1946, this way Kharkovites celebrated the victory of Soviet forces in World War II. Before war here was located trolleybus depot, and until the 1930s – Myronositska church on the square with the same name. Square was laid by the Kharkovites, who devoted all their time the post-war reconstruction of the city from the ruins. A year after the square appearance was built a fountain with a gazebo, Dzerkalnyi strumin – Mirror Stream – which now considered like one of the main symbols of the city. Later there appeared alley of Komsomol heroes who died heroically in struggle with German troops during World War II.

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