Sarzhin Yar

Адрес: 42, Lenina Ave., Kharkiv
Станция метро: Botanichnyi sad

Sarzhin Yar is the old ravine that separates the Nagornyi Area of the residential area of Pavlovo Pole. At the bottom of the ravine flowing river Sarzhinka and here is also the stream of mineral water. In addition to the pavilion of stream ravine arranged with leisure facilities and there are people at any time of the year – at summer there are resting nearby residents and employees of the office buildings, and in the winter here come tempered fans a thrill. For them, a few years ago, there was built a pool, where in the day of Khreshchennia or Christening in 19th of Jan goes the consecration of water and massive dive into the icy water.

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