Parks and squares

Shevchenko Garden, then called by University, was founded in the early 19th century by Vasily Karazin, founder of Kharkiv University. Previously there existed a luxurious natural oak grove, and after the breakdown of the garden formed two zones - the landscaped park on the upper terrace, and a botanical garden on the bottom.

Park was the first in the city place with amusement park, here was found the Ferris wheel, and a little later came the lift.

Victory Square was founded in the spring of 1946, this way Kharkovites celebrated the victory of Soviet forces in World War II. Before war here was located trolleybus depot, and until the 1930s - Myronositska church on the square with the same name.

Sarzhin Yar is the old ravine that separates the Nagornyi Area of the residential area of ​​Pavlovo Pole. At the bottom of the ravine flowing river Sarzhinka and here is also the stream of mineral water.

Since the moment of founding Kharkiv and before war the place of the square was occupied by several buildings – first there was the famous Kharkov Collegium, where famous philosopher Grigorii Skovoroda taught young people.

Theatralnyi or Theatrical Square was founded in 1876 on the site of the old ramparts 2nd line and today is a pedestrian transit zone between the streets Sumska and Pushkinska.

Square Vechnogo Ognia located on University Hill got its name from the monument "Eternal Flame", dedicated to the fallen fighters of revolution and war.

Molodizhnyi (Youth) Park is located on Pushkinska Street, near the subway station with the same name. Today, in the park are open a number of restaurants and a playground.

Square is situated at the confluence of the rivers Lopan and Kharkiv, where, according to legend, the city of Kharkiv began. A couple of years ago Square has been restored and in the warm season it is one of the most popular destinations of Kharkovites and city guests.

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