Monument to Students Battalion

Адрес: Svobody Sq and Passionarii descent, Kharkiv
Станция метро: Derzhprom

Sculptural group, standing at the, dedicated to Kharkiv students, who left their studies as volunteers for the war. Unfortunately, most of them had died in the first year of war, and to the survivors the mass trial went – they described in the book “The Man and weapon” of Ukrainian writer Oles Gonchar, one of the few survivors. Not less testing had shared the monument itself – money for its creation were gathered for several years by students, part of their scholarships and wages. The monument was built but there was not money to install it. So sculpture for 15 years had lain in Karasin University courtyard. The memorial composition was established only in 1999, after another voluntary fundraising. Five guys on a pedestal represent students coming to the front. The couple that runs in front have no doubt, one of them says goodbye to his girlfriend, the other, looking back, saying goodbye to his life where he seemed does not come back.

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