Lenin Monument

Адрес: Svobodu Sq., Kharkiv
Станция метро: Universytet

The monument to the great revolutionist was installed in Kharkov in 1963, with no particular history, but his life is accompanied by a variety of funny things, like the fact that when it was installed cables of trolley line were had to remove – hand of Ilyich could hurt them in transit. Later, a monument, got involved in a more serious story – in a promotional video “Switch on Ukraine”, which aired on major European TV channels for Euro 2012, the monument was erased – there was only a pedestal. Next to the great Lenin there is a small Lenin – on one of the Shevchenko Garden alleys, leading from the University to park near a playground is a sculpture, representing Lenin as a child.

It is interesting that in Kharkov for a long time worked a sculptural factory, which produces Lenin statues which travelled all over Ukraine.

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