Nature Museum of Kharkov National University

Время работы: From 11:00 (Fri)
Адрес: 8, Trinklera St., Kharkiv
Станция метро: Universytet
Тел.: (+38 057) 705-12-42

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History of Museum of Nature began in 1806 when the first sponsor of the University of Kharkov Severin Potocki decided to enrich the geological office and bought in Hanover a collection of ores Professor Andre, and a year later, zoological collection of Italian Cetto – thanks to it in Kharkiv appeared in the Zoology’s office. On the 100th anniversary of the founding Zoo’s office turned into a Museum of Zoology in the Museum of Nature. Exposition located in 23 rooms is divided to four departments: geology, invertebrate and vertebrate animals, organic evolution and conservation.

Here you can see the animal world of all continents and seas of the earth. For example, the museum contains the largest collection of monkeys in the Ukraine – 90 exhibits of 51 species.

Today the Nature Museum opened to the public by appointment from 8:30 to 16:30 every day except Sunday. The museum offers tours in Ukrainian, Russian and English languages ​​and for 16 topics. Visiting the museum can only be accompanied by a guide.

Guided tour costs 300 UAH per group of 1 to 15 people.

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