Feldman Ecopark

Эко-парк Фельдман в Харькове
Время работы: daily from 10.00 to 19.00
Адрес: 12, Kyivs'ke highway St., Lesnoe t-p, Derhachevs'kyi d-t, Kharkiv region
Тел.: (+38 050) 40-10-912
Сайт: feldman-ecopark.com

Feldman Eco-park or Santa House Feldman is another one philanthropic project of politician Alexander Feldman. On its territory are situated big playground and rope-park for playing and little zoo in Kharkiv standards. Its main advantage is the free entrance to the park, the main drawback – it is enough uncomfortable to get there.

In the zoo are living tigers, chimpanzees, monkeys, raccoons, a herd of donkeys, llamas, deer, goats and other animals. Especially a lot of birds here – a pair of cockatoos, pigeons, and a dozen pheasants and peacocks, chickens, geese and lonely, but very proud turkey. Visitors here more than enough, and the zoo can be bypassed for an hour, and this time is enough for even to play with animals at the two contact sites. You can then send the children to the rope-park or a playground, and rest in a wooden gazebo, standing under the shade of trees.

There is a shuttle bus, which can be ordered by calling at (+38) 097-211-40-29, (+38) 066-876-34-63.

1656 bus from Heroiv Pratsi Metropolitan Station.


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